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More than half of the American population is psychic, reveals an astonishing study. Are you?

The startling study – published in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research – discloses that a whopping 53% of all Americans have had some type of psychic experience at least once in their lives.

This includes ESP and out-of-body experiences, contacts with the dead, memories of past lives, experiences with apparitions or poltergeists, dreams or visions that later come true, and living in haunted houses.

The study was made by the parapsychology division of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, which surveyed 268 students and 354 adult residents of Charlottesville, VA., where the university is located.

“We calculated 51% of the responding townspeople and 55% of the responding students all had a waking ESP experience or an ESP dream,” said a research associate who conducted the survey.

He defined the waking ESP experience as “one where the person is awake and all of a sudden a picture or a piece of information flashes into his mind out of the blue, and later turns out to be accurate.”

An ESP dream is a dream about a future event that actually comes true, he explained.

The 622 people sampled in the survey are representative of the entire population of the U.S., said an associate professor of psychology at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles.

“50% of America is psychic – the results of this survey confirm this fact,” the professor said.

The most common type of psychic experience among those surveyed was the deja vu phenomenon – the strong feeling that you have been in some place or situation before, even though you know you haven’t.

68%  of the townspeople who were surveyed and 88% of the students sampled said they had experienced deja vu.

Here’s how the people surveyed answered when they were asked if they ever had any of the other psychic experiences listed below:

1. Out-of-body experience
14% of the townspeople and 25% of the students reported having at least one out-of-body experience.

2. Apparitions
17% of both townspeople and students reported seeing, hearing or being touched by some type of supernatural being.

3. Memories of past lives (reincarnation)

These were reported by 8% of the townspeople and 9% of the students.

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