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LOS ANGELES, CA – Michael Jackson may be buried without his brain so coroners can do further testing!

Health officials issued Jackson’s death certificated yesterday, but not cause of death was identified. Rather, the cause was listed as “deferred”.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter verified that at least part or the whole of Jackson’s brain has been retained for investigators to continue testing. When they have finished all neuropathogy tests, they will release the tissue.

Doctors will examine Jackson’s brain to determine the cause of death, which may be linked to painkillers. The tests can also reveal previously undiagnosed diseases, evidence of alcohol abuse or whether Jackson had suffered overdoses before.

It appears that the Jackson family will have to bury his body this week without his brain, as it must “harden” for at least two weeks before doctors can finish the tests.

It is not uncommon for a brain to be held by cororners and then reunited with the corpse after it has been buried.