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MEXICO CITY – The Mexican navy has discovered more than one ton of cocaine – in the bodies of frozen sharks!

Navy officers searched a container ship  at a port in the southern state of Yucatan after becoming suspicious of its contents. They cut open more than 20 frozen shark carcasses to find slabs of cocaine hidden inside!

“Those in charge of the shipment said it was a conserving agent but after checks we confirmed it was cocaine,” Navy Commander Eduardo Villa told reporters. X-ray machines and sniffer dogs were used to find the hidden drugs on the ship.


Officers were not greatly surprised by the discovery, as drug gangs are becoming more creative with their smuggling techniques. President Felipe Calderon has been cracking down on drug cartels that move narcotics from South and Central American countries through Mexico up into the United States. This has led gangs to use more original containers, such as sealed beer cans, furniture and even religious statues!

The Navy has yet to release details on where the sharks were being delivered and to whom.