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DAYTON, OH – At last there’s a proven method you can use to get your loved ones out of Hell – and experts say it really works!

That’s the joyful word from world-renowned author and minister Revered Thomas Whathers, who says his prayers and painstaking research into scriptures helped him discover a way to “suspend the sentence” of eternal torment which was once believed to be permanent and irrevocable.

“Just because your friends or family members died before they were able to mend their ways doesn’t mean they have to ‘rot in Hell'”, says the noted author of Liberty in the Afterlife, who has appeared on many national talk shows. “Prayers of the living have tremendous power to free the damned.”

Dozens of prominent religious leaders affirm that they’ve seen souls “flashing past the earthly plane” on their way up to Heaven after Rev. Whathers applied his method to release them.

“Rev. Whathers and I were praying for my aunt, a convicted murderess,” says Donald Frolerat, a deacon at Rev. Whathers’ church. “Suddenly, there was a burst of light and the unmistakable form of Aunt Lila came shooting up from the floorboards!”

“Her dress was singed from flames. But as she rose toward the ceiling, her charred, dingy dress began turning bright white and mending itself. THere was a look of tremendous relief on her face. I knew beyond a doubt she was on her way up to Heaven and that our prayers had been answered.”

His critics say Rev. Whathers is committing blasphemy by claiming the right to free sinners from the demons of Hell. But the minister says, “My critics should read the Bible, particularly Matthew 19:26 which says, ‘…With God all things are possible.'”

Rev. Whathers offers this 5-step technique to anyone who wants to free a departed sinner from Satan’s grasp:

1. Begin with an 8-hour fast.
“Go at least eight hours without eating to purify your mind,” he says. But make sure your doctor okays the fast.

2. Make sure you’re not around disbelievers.
“There’s more power in numbers, so pray with someone else if you can. But you’re better off alone than with someone who’s skeptical.”

3. Remain silent for one hour before beginning your prayer.
“Don’t let anyone disturb you or you’ll have to start the hour of prayers over again.”

4. Hold a Bible in one hand and something your loved one owned in the other.
“It can be an article of clothing or jewelry, a favorite book, tape or CD – anything they once owned.”

5. Ask God to forgive them and let them go.

Rev. Whathers says you may or may not see their spirit leave Hell and pass through the room. But you will get a peaceful feeling inside that will let you know your prayer has been answered.