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SYDNEY – Horses wearing hair extensions? Is this the new fashion fad to take the equine world by storm?

Julian Wolkenstein, an Australian advertising photographer, decided to take some time to work on a fun personal project. “The idea for these images came from a discussion with a friend who said, ‘Hey wouldn’t it be fun to shoot horses with big hair?’,” said Sydney-born Wolkenstein, 36.


Wolkenstein worked with hair-stylist Acacio da Silva to create and attach the hair extensions to the horses’ manes. “Each horse took around four hours to groom, with hair extensions being added by Acacio, and then when they were presented in front of the camera’s and lights they would shake their heads, give a neigh and then ruffle up their hair,” said Julian.

“The horses loved the grooming. The lights and camera, well, they were less taken with that.”


“Apart from casting horses and preparation work which took a few months, each horse took a full day to shoot.”

Wolkenstein’s next project also involves hair, of a different sort: beards. You can check out more of his work at