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NEW YORK, NY – Fox News commentator Glenn Beck is taking time out from his various news shows to do comedy.

For six weeks in Denver, Glenn Beck will mix observational humor with political opinion, all with this trademark soothsaying of Armageddon and emotional instability.

Beck, who has no history with comedy whatsoever, describes his coming performances as a mix of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense with “a poor man’s Seinfeld.”

A publicity clip of Beck trying out his material in a New York nightclub includes the following excerpt.

“Did you ever notice how the Obama administration is steering us directly towards the coming apocalypse? [Some laughter] I said, did you ever notice?!  I’m asking you a question, people!  The end of times are neigh and we’re being walked right to it by a secret Muslim who has never said he’s NOT the Antichrist, and you don’t even care!! [Audible sobbing] But I care.  I care for my country… So.  Much.  (Loud sigh) I just love my country too much.”

During the four-minute clip, Beck cries 3 times and throws a chair at someone towards the end.  He will be opening at Chuckleheads in Denver on June 1st.