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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is not only unloading his family’s home to line his pockets, but key Playboy Mansion items are also going to the block.

Hefner has owned the house next to the Playboy Mansion since the late 90’s, in which his estranged wife and two teenage sons resided. But now that his children are off to college, Hefner is selling the mansion to rejuvenate his dwindling coffers. Sales for Playboy magazine have been steadily decreasing over the years since the onslaught of readily available Internet pornography.

Now Hefner has announced that he will also be putting up famous Playboy Mansion items for sale, much to the delight of Playboy enthusiasts. These items will include:

  • Adult-sized pink tricycles used by the Bunnies, complete with training wheels
  • King-sized bed from the secret “Elvis Suite”, including sheets made from Elvis’ original jumpsuits
  • A Hugh Hefner robe, made from pure threaded gold
  • Mechanical bull ridden and signed by Tennessee Williams
  • Playboy Mansion’s much sought-after Bible of Mixed Drinks
  • Only known existing pair of Marilyn Monroe’s “frumpy” pajamas
  • Hugh Hefner’s first Little Black Book from age 12

The sale is set to begin on Friday, March 20. Hefner’s live-in nurse staff will be modeling the items.