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SAN DIEGO, CA – Apple is set to give its popular iPhone a facelift.  On March 17th the company will premiere the new iPhone 3.0 operating system and a host of new applications.

  • Where am i? is a new destination application which uses GPS and your shopping history to determine where you are and where you probably want to go.  Click the button once and the device will find you using your own designated GPS satellite.  Then a list of nearby places of interest will be generated based on your internet, shopping, and credit history.  Click on one of the links and the device gives you explicit instructions to that destination.
  • Hobo-X, when activated, emits a high pitch frequency intended to deter vagrants and transients.
  • BetterThanU scrambles the calls of inferior phones within a 25 foot radius, giving iPhone users priority in public settings.
  • With Exerciser iPhone, owners will use a touch screen to send an avatar representation of themselves through an exercise regimen.  They more time they spend working out, the more their avatar appears healthy and attractive.
  • Polarizer lets you enter where you want to be on a political bar (how far left or right) and responds with your political knee-jerk reaction to any text entered, news stories or websites visited.  It can also respond with party-line talking points to any comments entered via microphone.
  • Using speakerphone function, the Talker app will hold up one end of a conversation for users who are too tired or bored or simply can’t be bothered.
  • iChew uses additional hardware and touch pad instructions (open – close) to chew your food for you.  The plug-in chewing dock is USB compatible and can fit in your pocket.