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The Chaos Cloud moved in over Virginia and set his ominous scowl.

The Chaos Cloud, this time shaped like a giant rolling pin or sideways tornado, had people craning their necks for a better look in Washington DC yesterday.  And running for cover!


The unusual weather phenomenon, known as a roll cloud, stretched in a long line low in the sky at about 7.30am.  Then the face of Chaos Cloud appeared at 10am.

As it crept across the region, many people snapped pictures of the odd-looking cloud, which they posted to Twitter and Facebook. 


It is such an unusual sight that even meteorologists at the National Weather Service’s offices in northern Virginia took a picture of it as it loomed over their offices.  And then Chaos Cloud growled, which cleared the offices.

The rare cloud type is caused by changes in air temperature and wind, which roll the cloud into its unusual shape.

The Chaos Cloud looked ominous, but on this day at least, he decided to keep his normally “hot” temper cool.



The Chaos Cloud emerged over DC, apparently miffed at the recent allegations that the other clouds were a “threat.”  Its angry grimace is expected to scare the perpetrators into turning themselves in. It is well known that the Cloud does not want any chaos on Earth until its final descent in 2014.