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A new study reportedly out of Yale University predicts dolphins will rule Earth within two hundred years.

Dolphins can imitate human actions, can solve problems and soon… will be able to run the world and control human beings (the ones that are left).


As an example, recently a bottlenose dolphin was blindfolded and instructed to mimic the actions of a trainer in the water with him. When the dolphin wasn’t able to use sight to figure out the movement, he switched to another technique: emit sounds, listen to the echo and interpret the resulting sound waves. This ability — known as echolocation — allowed the dolphin to replicate movements by the trainer, such as spinning in the water.

In this and numerous other studies, dolphins have been outsmarting humans.  “People always talk about how computers will run the world soon, but our first hand research with dolphins, proves that they are getting smarter every year and will be able to outsmart all humans very soon,” said Dr. Denise Jakoonian research director of the nonprofit Human Dolphin Center.

Janet Lappe, a professor of biology and psychology at Yale University told WWN that dolphins are still “evolving” and humans are “devolving.”

“Smart women on Earth have stopped reproducing.  Humans are getting dumber.  But dolphins continue to get smarter and soon will be able to operate computers better than we can,” said Lappe.

How can that be?  “Believe it,” said Lappe.  “Dolphins will rule the water AND the land.”  She predicted that by 2100 dolphins will have evolved to a point that they will walk the earth and “when that happens, it’s over for humans.”

Well… Flipper for President!!