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The monster-like creature, the Jersey Devil, was spotted in Oklahoma and has been terrorizing local residents.

Some have suggested that the creature could be a gargoyle, an El Chupacabra, or a relative of the Montauk Monster.

The image above was taken in Oklahoma and first posted on May 6 on the Wild Care Oklahoma Facebook page.

This image was sent to WWN.  It shows an Okie being attacked by the Jersey Devil:

jersey_devilC copy

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation  confirmed that the animal was a Jersey Devil and they have contacted New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, and demanded that the beast be removed from Oklahoma.

“Years ago we didn’t see much wildlife with this genetic deficiency for no hair but it is more common now.  And this is the most dangerous hairless beast on the planet,” said John Todd of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

Oklahomans were told to be “on the look out” for the Jersey Devil.  And it’s best to spot him at night: