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Scores of mermaids were spotted on the shores of Miami Beach this week.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (NOAA) recently concluded that mermaids are, in fact, real.  And they were on hand, yesterday, to speak directly to some of the, close to a hundred, mermaids that had gathered in Miami Beach.


“Because of the interest of the series on Animal Planet (which some think is fake), mermaids have gathered in Miami to meet with NOAA to discuss “mermaid rights” in the United States,” said a mermaid spokesperson, Lila Washburn.


Mermaids have dozens of names and relatives: Rusalkos in Russia and the Ukraine,Merrow in Ireland and Scotland, Mami Watu in West and Central Africa. Creatures such as nymphs, sirens and dryads are often used interchangeably with mermaids. Selkies are closely associated, as they are seals that can shed their skin and briefly walk upon dry land as beautiful women. Here are a few more fascinating facts about the sirens of the sea.


There have been numerous mermaid sightings in Miami over the last five months and over the last few days, it came clear to everyone… mermaids are real AND they love Miami.

Last night, mermaids spent the time inside the famous Hotel Delano:


Mermaids are thrilled to finally “come out of the closet” and become integral members of society.
President Barack Obama will be meeting with mermaids and their representatives over the summer in Martha’s Vineyard.