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A revolutionary new diet uses pink slugs found in New South Wales.  And the diet works!

High on the dew-dampened peak of Mount Kaputar, in New South Wales, Australia, there exists an alpine forest populated by organisms found nowhere else on the planet. There, in that isolated mountaintop ecosystem, is – a giant, fluorescent pink slug.


And this pink slug has been found to help people lose weight.  “It’s a major discovery in the world of nutrition and weight loss,” said weight loss guru and diet expert, Dr. Sam Comito.

“This slug, this pink slug if used on food every day – will absolutely help anyone loss weight.  Guaranteed.  It’s truly a miracle,” said Dr.  Comito.

This man was eating pink slugs for only a month and he hit his weight loss target.


Nutritionists and diet specialists are scrambling to include  pink slugs into their diets.  Weight Watchers has added it to their prepared meals:


Giant pink slugs are about 7.8 inches, and are only found on top of Mount Kaputar, On a good morning, you can walk around and see thousands of them.  They are as bright pink as you can imagine, that’s how pink they are.

The pink slug industry just signed up a spokesperson:


Pink slugs are a species of cannibal snail and they’re voracious little fellas.  They hunt around on the forest floor to pick up the slime trail of another snail, then hunt it down and gobble it up.

The pink slugs have evolved from lowland ancestors and have been isolated in an otherwise snail-hostile environment as conditions began to dry. 

Here’s a couple ladies who love their pink slug diet:



So get some pink slugs – and drop the pounds!