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Killer Bees are zeroing in on women in Arizona and California, especially blonde women taller than five-foot-five.

The Department of Homeland Security are saying that hundreds of women are being hospitalized because of attacks by swarms of killer bees.  Beekeepers say that this is the first time in the history of bees that they have targeted a specific gender.

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“If a man and a woman are walking down the street together, the bees will leave the man alone – not touch him at all, but they will violently attack the woman,” said U.S. Beekeeper Orin Tablot.


Tablot told WWN that he thinks it has something to do with “those hormonal things woman’s got,” but this has not been confirmed by the Department of Health.

This woman was recovering from over 300 bee stings:


She had been hospitalized for 44 days.

The U.S. Military is spraying Arizona and California with Anti-Bee spray, but there are side effects reported by men.  “Apparently, the spray causes men to break out into big red rashes,” said a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson.  “So, we either get men with rashes or women with bee stings.  For me, I’ll take the rash to save a woman.”

Women in Arizona are advised to take precautions when outdoors and if you have to get out of your car — run!!