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Citizens of Detroit were shaken this week by the disturbing capture of the infamous “Bat Boy” near the Wayne State University Campus. The creature was apprehended by the Wayne State University Theater Department on the roof of the Bonstelle Theatre, when it was decided that the best course of action would be to try and rehabilitate it through a rigorous course of song and dance.

“We at Wayne State believe that Musical Theatre is the best way to sooth a savage Beast,” says a representative from the school, “not to say that Bat Boy is a beast or anything, he has great pitch and is surprisingly adept at tap, jazz, and ballet.”


Detroit officials have been kept at bay for the moment, despite several warrants issued for the Bat Child’s arrest. The Weekly World News recommends that everyone in the Detroit area take the time to see this majestic and mysterious mutant in action! Bat Boy: The Musical will run at the Bonstelle Theater at Wayne State University April 12th-21st, Friday through Sunday.

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