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The Cookie Monster is mugging kids in Times Square!

The costumed character pushed a 2-year-old child and reportedly punched a group of four-year-olds on a school trip in Times Square.  The Cookie Monster also called a kid’s Bollywood star mother a name unfit for “Sesame Street,” according to prosecutors.


“You are a bitch, your son is a bastard and your stuff is trash,” the Cookie Monster said, according to court papers.

The Cookie Monster also grabbed a number of children and gave them wedgies.  He poured bottles of water of some kids head and also stole their ice cream cones and lollipops.  Some say that it wasn’t the “real” Cookie Monster, but rather a fake.  WWN has a call into Sesame Street for a response.


“You want a piece of me, come on kid, come on take a shot, take a shot”  the Cookie Monster said to children as he stood in a boxing stance.


Big Bird arrived in Times Square to rescue his friend, who Big Bird felt had “lost it” because he ate some gluten free cookies.

But Cookie Monster knocked out Big Bird as well.   “Take that Bird Flu,” reportedly said The Cookie Monster.

Any kid that tried to take a picture of Cookie Monster had their feet stepped on and their hair yanked.

Cops arrested The Cookie Monster, but he resisted and punched several officers in the face.


Mayor Bloomberg is considering banning Cookie Monster from New  York City AND banning cookies.

In the meantime, if you see Cookie Monster… run!!!