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Justin Bieber’s monkey was murdered in Germany.  Drake Bell is a suspect.

The teen pop star’s pet monkey was seized by custom officials in Germany and quarantined after he arrived in the country. The capuchin monkey and 19th-birthday present, Mally, was taken when Bieber landed at Munich Airport to play a string of concerts throughout Europe. Bieber had brought the monkey to Germany aboard a private jet but had neglected to obtain the necessary documents, including a health certificate, to bring the pet into the country.


While being held in captivity, however, the monkey was murdered.   German officials don’t know how someone got into the monkey lockdown, but when they went in to give the monkey it’s morning banana, they found the monkey… dead.

Her’es the monkey in a German detention facility:


Justin Bieber learned about the monkey’s death and was… inconsolable.  “He’s taking it very, very hard.  He loved Mally with all his heart.   Mally was the world to him and now… Justin is on his own again.  It’s so tragic,” said a member of Bieber’s posse.

This girl is reportedly the one who gave Bieber his monkey (as well as a few other things).


German officials say that Drake Bell is the primary suspect in the monkey murder.  Drake Bell  had a massive Twitter feud with Bieber last summer and who is an official “enemy” of Justin.  He was also in Italy last week and reports are that he flew to Germany when he heard that Bieber’s monkey was taken from him.


Drake Bell has been brought in for questioning by German authorities.

Meanwhile, sources say Justin’s people want to get him a new monkey, but “he’s just not ready yet.  He loved that monkey.  He really loved him.”