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Yonkers, NY police and FBI agents are crediting a YouTube music video in their apprehension of a hacker cell called “UnDistinguished” or “UD” that has disrupted a number of area businesses over the past two months.  The hackers had been breaking into networks and committing cyber vandalism and theft. A recent UD attack on the Yonker’s Stew Leonard’s store defaced the website homepage to proclaim that Stew’s milk comes “from area cats & dogs milked by illegal aliens.” They also caused the animatronic displays in the dairy section to go into fits of shaking like the “DTs.”  Rather than captivating passersby, the shaking caused mass panic.

But UD’s allegiance to the New York Knick’s NBA basketball team, and in particular shooting guard JR Smith, proved their undoing, as the five hackers became transfixed for hours watching a  YouTube music video.



The video credited for the arrest: “So Right (JR Smith Song)” a humorous hip hop tribute and debut single by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Milford Jerome. The UD hackers were apprehended peacefully yesterday afternoon in the living room of one member’s Hartsdale home chanting “So Right Again!, So Right Again…” while high-fiving each other and hitting the video play button for what they guessed was the 74th time that day.

Mr. Jerome was unavailable for comment Thursday a.m. as he was taping an interview for the Boomer & Carton Show which airs on 660 WFAN and MSG-TV.  Mr. Jerome’s mother commented, “I told my son to do something great, something big with his life – but now overwhelmed with calls and emails, perhaps I should have said ‘do something modest?'”

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks

For their part, members of UnDistinguished said, “if you have to go down, JR and So Right is the way to play.”

During interrogations at Yonkers City Police headquarters, Detectives learned the hacker cell was planning an attack on the Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway.  Detectives had found substantial evidence of research into the facility’s traffic and racing schedule and IT systems. It seems the hackers were bent on disrupting the “inhumane business” of harness racing by sending race cancelation notices to breeders as well as seeking to penetrate the casino’s financial systems to support their mission.