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NEW YORK — Facing criticism of recent news coverage, CNN has decided to employ the help of New York-based shock jocks Opie and Anthony to add new voices to the network. It’s a surprising move, considering the basis of much of the criticism lies in network anchors and correspondents injecting their own opinions.

The duo are known for already tackling both political and social issues, as Anthony Cumia has become a voice on the air and Twitter for right-leaning causes. The two have a history of courting controversy, firings and, occasionally, their own news coverage over their stunts on the radio. There is currently no word on whether third mic Jim Norton, a co-conspirator in the show’s hijinks, will be a part of the new CNN program.

“They’re really doubling down on how they want to approach news in general,” said Washington Times columnist L.D. Chipperson. “They’re taking two guys with sometimes very controversial opinions and saying, ‘We want to do coverage of breaking stories our way.’ It’s all very interesting.”

Opie & Anthony Return To XM Radio

CNN’s Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow recently came under fire for their commentary during an Ohio trial. Though many thought the network’s reaction would be to scale back the rhetoric, CNN seems to be moving in the opposite direction with this bold choice.

“This is the beginning of the end for the 24-hour news network,” said Paul H., a popular commenter on the CNN website. “I really can’t stand with a company that would let those goons on the air in such a serioussetting.”