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North Korean leader Kim Jong On ceded leadership of his country to… Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman returned from his trip  from North Korea, and went on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday to discuss his recent visit with George Stephanopoulos (see video below).   Rodman thought Kim Jong On was a great guy and said is on a mission to get Barack Obama to play a one-on-one basketball game with the North Korean leader.


However, late tonight Kim Jong On shocked the world when he announced that Dennis Rodman would be the new leader of North Korea.

This is a big deal. While Rodman said he has no interest in becoming a diplomat (let alone a world header), he  now has more personal experience with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un than any American.


The colourful former Chicago Bulls player painted a different picture of the evil North Korean leader, saying that he thinks he likes Jong On better than President Obama.   “He’s a lot more relaxed and a helluva  lot funnier,” Rodman reportedly said.

“I love him. He’s awesome,” Rodman said of Kim.

Kim returned the love for Rodman.  Kim plans on remaining a top advisor to Dennis Rodman and wants to retrain control of the nuclear arsenal and the military, but Rodman will be in charge of everything else.

“North Korean just got a whole lot cooler,” the Supreme Leader told WWN.


“Don’t hate me,” Rodman told WWN.  “I’m all about peace, love and basketball.”