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RICHMOND, VA — Everyone’s heard of the strange but true phenomenon of raining frogs — but raining pogs? The discs used in a popular game from the 1990s have returned in an unusual fashion, as Richmond residents began to see pogs fall from the sky as early as Friday morning.

Though the most concentrated part of the pogfall took place a day ago, reports are still coming in for more of the light objects — and even some of the heavier “Slammers” — lightly falling to the ground.

“The first thing we thought was that some aircraft had accidentally spilled the things,” Richmond police spokesman Andrew Zatezalo said. “But this has been going on far too long for that to be the case.”


Zatezalo insists it would take one mischievous culprit with a plane or other aircraft to consistently be dumping pogs around the city. He said officials have been monitoring the skies for the last few days, but still haven’t found the mysterious source.

Though, the oddity has had some positive results. According to reports, many children have taken up the game as a result of the free merchandise. Schools are even saying a craze has started.

“Everywhere you look, kids are using the things,” said teacherTonya Kerrigan. “Though everyone is scurrying around to find out why this is happening, many children are just hoping it doesn’t stop anytime

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