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The Equinox Theatre Company in Denver Co has admitted to housing the elusive “Bat Child” this week after witnesses took details of its presence to local media.

It is unclear at this point why the creature has strayed so far from its roots in West Virginia to seek refuge in the Mile High City. When questioned, a spokesperson from the Equinox Theatre commented:

“It is time that the public left this poor child alone, he needs to be able to live out of the glaring eye of the media. Denver provides the accepting community that he needs to flourish. At Equinox, Bat Boy has found a real family. And we have hardly had any outbursts since that first week when he bit the left pinky off our stage manager, Sal.”


Rumor has it that the Equinox Theatre has managed to train the Bat-Child to sing, dance, and act, with almost no threat to the safety of the audience. According to their performance schedule, Bat Boy will be participating in an homage to his life story, starring as himself, in Bat Boy: The Musical, at the Bug Theater at 3654 Navajo Street in Denver. The show will run from February 15-March 9, tickets available here:


We highly encourage everyone in the area to check out this production of Bat Boy: The Musical! Who knows how long it will be before Bat Boy flees again. The WWN wishes the Equinox Theatre Company the best of luck in wrangling the creature that we have been chasing down for the past 20 years.