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Manti Te’o sat down for an on-camera interview with Katie Couric – and she fell in love with him.

Couric snagged the sought after “get” interview with Manti Te’o.


Some reports suggested that the key factor was high-powered publicist and crisis management expert Matthew Hiltzik, who has had Couric as a client for seven and a half years and has been representing Te’o since just after the story of his girlfriend hoax broke in early January.

But really, it was Couric’s girlfriend, Jessica Cox, who set it up.  Jessica went to Notre Dame (graduated in ’90).   Cox thought that Te’o would not only be a great interview for Kaite, but would make a great new boyfriend.  Kate is famous for being a cougar and Te’o would be a great “get” that way as well.


Katie has already been seen out with Te’o.  Last night, the lovesick Katie, took to the dance floor at a Joe Torre charity ball and showed the crowd her “Linebacker Dance”  (see picture above).  Sources say Te’o loved it.


Katie told WWN this morning she is not a “fake girlfriend”, that she and Te’o are very much in love and that they have “consummated” their relationship.  Te’o has confirmed that Katie is his girlfriend – though he’s not really sure what the word “girlfriend” means anymore.

Katie’s going to straighten him out…