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Tim Tebow announced today that he is dating Lennay Kekua – Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend.

Tebow and Te’o are similar in many ways – talented football players, devout believes in Christ, kind, generous and giving.  And now, apparently, they are attracted to the same types of women.


“Tim had been in touch with Manti after Lennay passed away in September,” a close friend of Tebow’s told WWN.  “He offered his condolences and told Manti that he would do anything to help him through this difficult time in his life.”


But when Tebow learned that Lennay was not dead and that most people in America thought it was all a hoax, Tebow couldn’t believe it.  “There’s no way Manti would be duped like that.  I think she is real and she just needs more love in her life,” Tebow reportedly told friends.

Tebow then reached out to Kekua on Twitter and in the last week they have become “very close.”   According to friends, Tim has fallen hard for Lennay.  “She is everything he wants in a woman.  She is beautiful, kind, loving and very spiritual.”


Here’s Tebow speaking with Kekua on the practice field.


Tebow has no plans to marry Kekua at this point.  “It’s too so0n,”  he told friends.  But Tebow has sent her a million dollars to help with a new round of leukemia treatments. “Tim is very generous that way,” his friend told WWN.


Tebow is happy with his online love and has even hinted at marrying her, once she recovers from all the negative publicity surrounding Manti.