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Bill O’Reilly shocked the cable news world today by announcing he is leaving Fox News and heading to CNN.

Bill O’Reilly is done with the No Spin Zone.  CNN has made him the largest offer in the history of cable news.  “Bill O’Reilly will be a part owner of our network.  And O’Reilly plans on making CNN the number one network in all of cable,” said a source close to CNN.


The controversial host and bestselling author will air his last show on Fox on May 31st.

“When I took this job I didn’t take it because it was going to be the last job I ever had,” O’Reilly reportedly said.


Sources close to Fox say that O’Reilly has been having heated arguments with Roger Ailes, the brains of Fox News, over the last few months.   “Roger wants to take Fox News in a new, more moderate direction and Bill wants it to remain traditional.  They almost came to blows last week,” a cameraman for the network told WWN.

Glenn Beck asked O’Reilly to join him in purchasing Current TV from Al Gore, but when that fell through, Bill looked at other options.  “CNN opened its valut for Bill.  He will have even more power at CNN.”

O’Reilly will reportedly continue writing novels about dead presidents and will get to take off as many days a  year as he wants.  “He has total freedom now.”


Megyn Kelly will be taking over the 8pm slot on Fox News.   “Bill has known for a long time that Megyn was going to take his spot.  He’s always in control, so he quit before they fired him.  Bill always wins,” a friend of O’Reilly told WWN.

Dennis Miller and Geraldo Rivera will be joining Bill O’Reilly at CNN.  “It was a package deal,” said a CNN source.