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In response to the worst flu season in history, President Obama ordered flu victims be quarantined in federal prisons.

The State Department of Health reports that thousands of citizens of Pennsylvanians have complications from the influenza virus and they are worried that it may get worse.  Hospitals can not handle the capacity of flu victims, so the White House ordered flu victims be sent to Federal Prisons were they will be monitored by State Health officials.


“If we can remove them from the general population and put them in environment where everyone is masked and everyone can be protected, it’s safer for them and certainly safer for the staff,” said Richard Burger, Director of Infection Control.

The White House wanted to set up internment camps for the flu victims, but it would take too long and be far too expensive. “There’s a number of federal prisons that can handle the extra capacity, so it’s a good solution to the epidemic.”

Government officials are setting up tents at the federal prison, so that the prisoners are not affected.  Here’s one of the first tents that has been set up:


Here’s a picture of  Ron Woodman of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania behind bars.  He got the flu on January 3rd and has not been able to go to work at as a janitor of a local middle school.


A number of Republican Senators feel that the White House is once again abusing Executive Power.  “You don’t just put people away, even if it does help contain an epidemic.  We have laws protecting citizens from this kind of government behavior.  That’s why we have the Second Amendment,” said Republican Senator, John McCain.