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To help solve the Debt Crisis, President Obama has sold the Grand Canyon to China.

China has agreed to buy the U.S. landmark – The Grand Canyon – and will be submitting its deal memo to the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ror review.


The U.S. owes China $1.4 trillion dollars and wants to borrow even more, but the Chinese are starting to worry that the U.S. will ever pay the money back. So, they are starting to look at U.S. properties that they could buy in exchange for the debt.

“It’s a brilliant solution,”  TIm Geithner reportedly told reporters.  “President and Obama had the idea and we think it will go a long way to solving the debt crisis and we will still be able to raise taxes on everybody.  So, it’s a win-win situation.”

The President sealed the deal with handshake.  Here he is with the new Chinese leader, Xi Jinping:


Xi Jinping then went on The View to discuss the purchase.  The ladies on The View loved meeting the Chinese president and all vowed to visit China’s new U.S. property.


President Obama reportedly told the Chinese he was willing “to let the Grand Canyon go” for $100 billion “but not a penny less.”  The Chinese told WWN that they think they can get the U.S. landmark from President Obama for $20 billion.  “President Obama is not good negotiator,” Li Wu-Tang told WWN.  “We may even ask him to throw in the Painted Desert on the deal.”

Governor Jan Brewer was outraged that the President would sell a landmark in her state and feels that he is once again targeting Arizonans.  “He hates us,” Brewer reportedly told WWN.


China plans on renaming the park “Mao Canyon” – a name that President Obama ha approved.  The Chinese also plan on building ten skyscrapers near the park so visitors can get another view of the canyon.  The skyscrapers will each be 90 stories tall – and will be built in just over five weeks (with the help of labor from Mexico and China).

China is looking at other properties in the U.S. – Yellowstone Park, Yosemite, The Statue of Liberty, and almost half of Montana.   Reports are that what China really wants more than anything though is — California.

Well, if the price is right…