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Donald Trump has a massive bombshell to drop on President Obama. One he says “we’ll change the course of human history.”

The real estate tycoon told WWN yesterday that his announcement on Wednesday would be “the biggest announcement in the history of the world.”  He reportedly went on to tell the WWN editorial board that “no man has ever uttered words that will have such a dramatic effect on mankind.  Not Martin Luther King,  not Ghandi, not Jesus.  Only Trump. My statement tomorrow will go down in history as the most important statement every made by a human being.”

So what is the bombshell?

The Donald wouldn’t say, but he strongly hinted to WWN’s Frank Lake that it was “not good” for Obama and that everyone will look at the President in a “totally different light.”

WWN can confirm that The Donald hinted at his bombshell.  He is going to say that President Obama is, in fact, an alien from Planet Zeeba.  “The President is a Zeeban. That’s a fact and I’ll prove it on an etch-a-sketch.”

But that’s not the big, HUGE bombshell that The Donald is promising.

“If I told you today what the bombshell was, you’d probably have a heart attack right in front of me,” The Donald said.

When WWN asked The Donald if he was just doing this as a publicity stunt or as promotion for The Apprentice, The Donald took out his golf club and swung it at Frank Lake.  Luckily, Frank Lake ducked and then, in an act of great human kindness, bent down and picked up The Donald’s toupee.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama got a glimpse of the Trump Bombshell:

 President Obama then surprised reporters when he reportedly said, “I’ve seen Trump’s bombshell and I have a bigger bombshell to drop on Trump.  I will out-Trump, Trump.”

“He couldn’t shine my shoelace,” Trump said in response.  And to prove that he was more powerful than the President, The Donald put his name on another 3,000 buildings in New York.  “I have a bigger ‘stick’ than Obama. Let me just say that,” Trump reportedly said.

Some are speculating that the bombshell is NOT about Obama being from Planet Zeeba.  Here’s what some think the bombshell is really about:

1.  Obama was born in Saudia Arabia and owns 3,000 oil wells.

2. Obama is a Scientologist.

3.  Obama is running a dog-fighting ring out of the White House.

4.  Obama is the grandson of Karl Marx.

5.  Obama is not left-handed!

6.  Obama is a eunuch.

7.  Obama voted for Ronald Reagan.

8.  Obama is gay.

9.  Obama is really just a hologram.  He doesn’t exist.

10.  Obama is Osama’s son.

What do you think The Donald’s bombshell is?