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HONOLULU, Hawaii — Ask any wildlife expert or conservationist in Hawaii — the most dangerous threat to the ecosystem in the state is a specific type of poacher: the party animal. They may seem like they’re having a good time, but these poachers are there to find the most exotic and exciting animals the area has to offer.

Now, the activities of party animal poachers have taken one of the last living Hawaiian pumas in existence. Distinctive for its floral, shirt-like pattern covering its torso, the puma is a rarity due to the continued efforts to acquire its unique fur. Two men are suspected in abducting the animal for that very goal.

Chad Flannery and Tom “The Nooch” Hopkins may seem like your average partiers. They wear glowsticks. They spike their hair. They can even be found at any Happy Hour in the Honolulu area. But when the lights go out and the “last call” has been made, the two are searching the area for their next target. Facebook photos of the two men with what is believed to be a Hawaiian puma were uploaded on Tuesday night.

Police have had the photos taken down, claiming that they are part of an ongoing investigation. However, those who had seen the photo confirmed not only the animal, but that it had its own Facebook tag — “Hawaiian Puma LOL.” The photo also had a caption: “Bagged this bro 2night! Nooch and me goin back 2 da cave to pound a few n celebrat.”

Police are currently unable to find the two suspects, though they believe a sweep of every dive bar that serves 2-for-1 drink specials will eventually turn up the two.