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A pregnant Kate Middleton posed nude for French photographers while on a vacation in Provence.

The French magazine Hot Body has published photos of Kate Middleton nude.  The photos were taken while Princess Kate and Prince William were vacationing on the private property of Lord Linley’s  French chateau.

She also posed by the beach on the South of France:

The royal family recently had to deal with naked photos of Prince Harry, surprised a lot of royal watchers when they came out in support of Princess Kate.

“The Queen has become quite liberal in her old age.  She’s seen the photographs and thinks they are tastefully done,” said a source in Buckingham Palace.  “She also thinks Kate has a wonderful body, one fit for a Queen.”

Prince Harry was very happy when the saw the pictures:

The Royal Highnesses, or the Royal Hotness as she has been called. agreed to pose for the French magazine after her husband, Prince William told her that he thought she should do it.  “Prince William has always wanted Kate to pose naked,” said a source in France.  “And this French magazine was the perfect place for her to do it.  She had been offered Playboy in the states, but Prince William considers Playboy to be beneath the royals.”

This isn’t the first time Kate Middleton posed nude.  She did so in 2005 as well:

For this shoot, Kate even changed her hair color a bit, had some fun:

The magazine with Kate’s nude phots  has been selling out all around Paris  – and the U.K.   And Kate’s loving it!

The future king, Prince William, walked around Paris – beaming with pride for his wife’s photographs.  A royal source said the couple was “very happy with the photo spread” and would consider doing more in the future.

Despite the scandal over the photos erupting at home, William and Kate pressed ahead with plans to visit their first ever mosque on Friday  – on their trip to Kuala Lumpur.

In keeping with Islamic tradition, Catherine arrived at the site near Kuala Lumpur’s landmark Petronas Twin Towers shrouded in a matching light-grey veil and floating chiffon dress by Beulah London.

Meanwhile… she’s nude all around the world!