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$9.99-a-gallon gas prices shocked motorists all around the USA. Ouch!

The big oil companies are blaming it on unrest in the middle east, hurricanes and the Obama Administration.  As a result, they are forced to pass the rising costs of fuel on to customers.

Motorists across the country are up in arms over what they believe to be price-gouging by a number of gas station owners. The thought of paying $9.99-a-gallon for gasoline sparked a tsunami of complaints and telephone calls to state governments and to the White House.

“Look, if you vote Barack Obama back into office, the gas prices will come down,” said a  White House spokesman.  “Until then, we are going to remind people that Republicans are to blame for high gas prices.  If you want high gas prices, vote for Romney.”

Economists are worried that higher gas prices may send the country into another Great Depression.   “The economy can’t handle $5 gas prices.  With prices at about $10, we are going to go into an economic death spiral,” reportedly said a top economist from the Brookings Institute.

Gas prices are a combination of labor (payroll), advertisements, utility and taxes. Then, there are fees associated with a customer using credit cards for fuel purchases at gas stations.

Representatives from the top oil companies said that they have no choice but to raise gas prices.  “Look, there’s a lot of strife in the mideast.  And we don’t have as many refineries and President Obama ordered us to raise gas prices, so what are we supposed to do?”

Meanwhile, Exxon/Mobile announced record profits for the third quarter of 2012.  “The company made more money in the third quarter of 2012 then it did in all of 2011,” a stock analyst for Moody’s reportedly said.  “And with prices at $9.99 a gallon, we think the oil companies are screaming buys.  They’re going to make a fortune!”

So, there you go… buy oil company stock and stop buying gas!