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PARIS – The Dead Sea Scrolls predicted that a Great Flood, like the one that destroyed Noah’s world, will sweep the Earth in 2009, drowning at least 2 billion people.

And far from taking the prediction lightly, a growing number of scientists believe that the flood will, in fact, come to pass as our polar ice caps shift and melt, adding trillions of gallons of water to our already swollen oceans.

Scholars uncovered the frightening prediction late last year and according to Dr. Paul Martinique, an oceanographer at the University of Paris, “the message couldn’t be clearer.”

“When the Scrolls’ prediction first came to my attention, I was shocked because it foretold current global conditions thousands of years in advance. For quite some time now the scientific community has been gathering evidence that proves our poles are shifting from their normal positions north and south to positions east and west.

“This shift will actually cause the Earth to tilt on its axis, changing our relationship to the sun. As this happens, the polar ice caps will melt, flooding the world with an unimaginable amount of what was formerly frozent water. We are looking at global flooding on a scale unseen since the time of Noah. And when that happens, as many as two billion people will die.”

Computer models suggest that most of North America and Western Europe would be under 10 to 60 feet of water. Africa, South America and portions of Asia would be affected less severely, while places like Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Japan would likely disappear altogether.

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