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LAS VEGAS, NV – The Death Ray app has made its premiere at the popular Consumer Electronics Show amidst drama and fear.

Dr. Michael Heinous previewed the application to many curious industry insiders.  The program, when downloaded, would give any iPhone death ray capabilities, but Heinous is in works to make the technology available on PDAs and car GPS systems.

Attendees were allowed to download trial versions of the program at booth 1274, located between the DDRGame booth and a hot dog cart. Thus far, only two deaths have been reported.

Dr. Heinous arrived at the trade show after using his Hover Technology ™ to transfer the entire Colorado State University campus to San Diego for the winter.  The action, dubbed criminally insane by state authorities, did secure his position as head of the CSU’s Evil Science department.

Steve Jobs has gone on record voicing his opposition to both death rays and open source software, and Apple is currently taking legal action to block the spread of this software.  Dr. Heinous has said if the ban goes through he will retaliate by taking San Francisco hostage.

No word yet on whether Mr. Jobs will use his transgender android body to defend the city.