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PHOENIX, AZ – Charles Barkley was spotted on another law-breaking ride, with a familiar passenger in tow!

After being arrested on December 31st for DUI, it was expected that Charles Barkley would lay low for awhile. But the former basketball player turned liberal commentator was photographed driving through the Arizona countryside with Bat Boy shrieking through the open-top convertible.

Gila County Police were not happy with Barkley’s apparent driving conduct. Chief Lenny Williams stated, “We have no evidence of whether Mr. Barkley was driving under the influence, or even driving over the speed limit. We are most concerned with the fact that the shirtless child in the passenger seat was not wearing a seat belt.

“It’s state law that children age 16 and under must wear a seat belt when riding in the front vehicle seat. Mutant or not, Mr. Barkley was in charge of him and he failed. This only confirms his statements early in his career that athletes should not be role models.”

Weekly World News was not able to secure a statement from Barkley on how he knows Bat Boy, but Bat Boy seems to associate himself with celebrities who look like him, such as James Blake and Mena Suvari.