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Tom Cruise has reportedly refused to allow divorce proceedings against his wife, Katie Holmes,  to go forward. 

The impending Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce is on hold because Tom Cruise has reportedly said that his religion has decided to refuse the divorce.  “Tom will not let her go,” a source close to a reporter in Los Angeles said.

The Church of Scientology reportedly views Katie Holmes as a threat and the best way to contain the threat is to keep the threat married to Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes has said she believes the church has put a team on her tail – monitoring her every move.  “They will not let her divorce Tom,” said a source close to a Rock of Ages actor.  “She will never be able to divorce him.”

Reports have it that Tom Cruise is going to send Suri and Katie to the Sea Org – and advanced organization within the Church of Scientology.  “When they get back from their visit to the Sea Org, they will be much happier with Tom – and life,” said a source within the Org.

The actress filed for sole custody of Suri in New York last week, a move Tom allegedly had no idea was coming.

It’s unclear what “threat” Katie would pose, but Tom’s not having it . She’s given no indication of trying to expose anything or portray it negatively; she likely just wants to shield her daughter from the controversial religion and be done with it.

New York courts are more inclined than those in California to award sole legal custody to one parent or the other when there is conflict.

She has been setting up residence there in recent weeks, preparing for the move.

If she is being stalked by Scientologists, that would certainly bolster her case in court. Katie, 33, wed Tom, 49, in 2006, a few months after Suri was born.

Cruise drew media headlines in May 2005 when he declared his love for Holmes and famously jumped on a couch on the set of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

There are other celebrities that may come to Katie’s aid and help her escape from Tom Cruise.  “Mission Impossible,” said a source.