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It’s official – he’s HUGE!  Meet the world’s biggest cat!

His name is Rupert and he’s a Maine Coon, which is a breed of domestic cat.  And he’s the biggest cat there is in the world.

He’s three times the size of the average cat, but he’s not done growing!  Coon experts say Rupert may get to 75 pounds.  “He’s got plenty of room to grow,” said leading cat expert, Scott Sieleki.

Rupert is almost nearly three years old.  And in addition to being the world’s fattest cat, Rupert plans on being the world’s oldest cat.  “He’ll be around another 20 years,” said Sieleki.

Gizmodo did a cat comparison. Ergo, “a wildcat like the male bobcat can get up to exactly the same weight that Rupert is going to be. The Canada lynx goes only up to 24 pounds, while the Iberian lynx can reach 28 pounds. Only a male specimen of the Eurasian lynx would be bigger than Rupert, at 40 to 66 pounds.”  For now.

Rupert also has large teeth and cat rip through the bone on any cat handler’s arms.

And, of course, Rupert uses a lotta litter!