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6) HAVE A GOOD FIGHT.   Every now and then have a good, loud yelling fight.  Nothing physical. But if you really yell at each other, and are very passionate, it will ultimately lead to the bedroom, where you will have great sex.

7) SHOW HIM RESPECT! We Russian women laugh at western women because they  have a total lack of respect for the men they love.  If you don’t respect him, why are you with him?  He is your man and he deserves respect – give it to him.  If  you do this one simple thing – he will never leave you.

8) HOLD YOUR GAZE  – When you are speaking to your man or listening to him, make sure that you keep eye contact. This will assure him of your attention and your respect, which is empowering to any man.

9) FLIRT WITH HIS FRIENDS.  Russian women love to flirt with men, and there’s no reason to stop when you are married or in a relationship.  It will make your man jealous, and keep him fighting for you.  NEVER have an affair, but you can flirt.  It’s fun.

10)  STOP WHINING!  Western women are always whining, moaning, complaining.  Stop it!  Toughen up.  If you have a problem, solve it on your ow (or with your girlfriends), don’t keep whining and complaining to your man.  He’s tired of listening to your complaints – he really is.

11) ALWAYS DRESS SEXY –  Men are visually oriented and your man wants you to look hot all the time, so do that for him.  Even if you have to wear high heels around the house just to make him happy – do it.  Be sexy for him – all the time.  And always stay in great shape!

12) BE STRONG, INSIDE AND OUT.   This may seem to contradict #1, but you have to be soft and strong.  Men hate weak women.  You should be physically and emotionally strong.  Lift weights for your muscles and develop a stoic, cool emotional attitude. Men will love you for it.

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