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While fishing for carp recently, the Tackle Editor for the Angling Times reeled in a “Frankenfish.”

Mark Sawyer was fishing in Magpie Lake in Cambridge, U.K., when he caught what some are saying has the features of at least three different fish species.

The U.K.’s Practical Fish Keeping has more details: [Sawyer] thought at first it was just a common brown-colored goldfish, but on closer inspection it appeared to be made up of at least three species, with the head of a Roach, the body of a Common goldfish, the tail fin of a Fantail and the anal fin of a Bream.

He said: “I have shown the picture to a number of marine boffins who say it is definitely the result of mixed parentage.

“I have caught thousands and thousands of fish but have never seen anything like it before. It is a proper oddity.”

Practical Fish Keeping reports experts speculate that a Fantail goldfish was released into the lake, bred with a carp, and resulted in this unusual catch. Another expert thought it could be a cross between a Fantail and a common goldfish. The Daily Telegraph includes fisheries ecologist Dr. Paul Garner calling it a “one-in-a-million” fish” not just because of the unusual characteristics but due to the slim odds of Sawyer catching it.