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CLEVELAND – John Lennon and George Harrison have reunited in Heaven – and are writing songs again!

That’s thew word from psychic Murat Serab, who says he has channeled more than 30 times for the late, great Beatles and hopes to produce an album.

Serab says the out-of-this world collaboration began shortly after he paid a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. “The pyramid shape of the building, combined with its huge size and the powerful draw of the artifacts and memorabilia inside, have made it a perfect channeling device,’ Serab theorizes.

“The energy is tremendously powerful, like an enormous magnet.  I felt it immediately the first time I walked in.”

First came the beat, the psychic recalls, then words and music.

“it was like automatic writing,”Serab says. “I grabbed a pencil and paper to get it all down.  I’ve spent long hours in or near the hall, basically taking dictation as fast as I’m able.

Although Lennon was best known for his collaborations with McCartney, it seems he always wanted to do more songwriting with Harrison, known as  “the quiet Beatle.”

Years after the Beatles broke up, Harrison organized the Traveling Wilburys, a group that included Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne – and Roy Orbison.  Harrison and Orbison became so close that George also contributed to Orbison’s Mystery Girl album,  released after Oribson’s death in 1988.

“Even here, George and Roy were kindred spirits,” Serab says.  Once they found each other again they knew they had to make music in Heaven.  And once they started, that was really all the spark that John needed to join in.”

Performers, producers and record labels are drooling at the prospect of the new compositions, which run the gamut from haunting ballads to country-flavored rockers – “with a few Beatles-type tunes that recall the classic Abbey Road album.”

But the spectral stylings remain only sheet music for now, and it’s an open question when listeners will be able to hear them.  A battle over rights could tie them up for years.

“Because of John’s involvement, there is an indication that Yoko Ono will lay some claim and restrictions on behalf of his estate,” says Harold Fellange, one of Europe’s top entertainment lawyers.

Skeptics say that Serab is a phony, and he’s trying to pass off his own compositions as the work of some rock ‘n’ roll leges.

Notes psychic debunker Keyle Descart of Pragues’s Center for Paranormal Studies says, “This lady is probably just a wann-be-musician, trying to use the names of some great artists to make a few bucks.   Nobody would want to buy his music otherwise.”

But Serab insists his songs really are the result of ghostly visitations and adds that he senses even more deceased artists wanting to join the unearthly band.

“I’ve begun to get vibrations of a contribution from Amy Winehouse,” Serab says.