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The Princess of Darkness terrorizes townspeople!


A short film by first time writer/director Sean Tyler was recently released.  It centers around the infamous Devil Girl of Devonshire and is a real thriller!  The writing, preproduction, and principle shooting took place over three weeks in Fall 2011.

WWN reviewers saw an advance screening of the film and gave it two big ears up.  WWN has long been considered THE worldwide authority on all things “mutant” and this Devil Girl certainly meets our “mutant” standards.  Devil Girl is quite talented with her devil tail.  Best to keep your distance.

Though it seems that Devil Girl is a fan of Bat Boy, and she has sufficiently terrorized the people around her, we advise her to keep her distance from Bat Boy… he does not like to share the limelight.

Check out the film below.  Let us know what YOU think!