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BRICK, N.J. – Beach Front Inc., a tanning bed company, has launched a line of child-friendly tanning beds called Junior Fun Tan.

The smaller-scale, slightly lower wattage beds will feature “dancing, fun-colored light bulbs synced up to popular children’s music,” according to the press release.

Shirley McInnis, public relations manager at Beach Front, believes the tanning bed market has been calling for kid-sized beds for some time. “You’d be surprised how many requests we’ve had for kids’ beds. They see mommy and daddy tan, and little Bobby and Susie want to be tan too. It’s their right as citizens to look nice and golden through the winter without having to go to Florida. Not everyone has a condo in Naples. This is an affordable option for families.”

Beach Front announced their latest line in wake of the tanning bed scandal involving a mother and her sunburned daughter.

“Tanning is not illegal,” explained McInnis. “A mother shouldn’t go to jail so that her daughter can be tan. Now, with the Junior Fun Tan beds, our young people can tan at home, in peace and away from the media.”

The 28-lamp beds will start at $1,500.