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Skateboarders will soon be able to tackle any terrain using a board mounted on mini tank tracks.

Designers of the Rockboard Descender have ditched traditional wheels in favour of a set of four treads wrapped around heavy-duty rollers.

This allows users to ride down grassy hills and sledging slopes, even if they are covered in snow.

Manufacturers M.Y Products feel the board provides the perfect mix between skateboarding and snowboarding.

Jon Lally, sales manager of the firm, based in Indiana, U.S, said: ‘It bridges the gap for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

‘Snowboarders can’t board in the summer and skateboarders can only ride on pavements – so the Rockboard Descender provides the ultimate combination for extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Rockboard founders, Richard Miller and Dillion Yu, wanted to create a skateboard-like product that consumers could use in rural areas.

The board will be available in retail stores in the USA from this summer and will cost approximately 75 pounds.

The company is also working with distributors in the UK, meaning British skaters could get their hands on this unique board in the near future.

Mr Lally, 29, added: ‘Rockboard’s mission is to provide children and adolescents with a fun, safe, and effective way to stay active during outdoor play.’

Daily Mail