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DENVER — Local authorities used explosives to drive a herd of frozen cows out of a cabin in the Rocky Mountains.

A herd of  a wild cows took over an old ranger cabin high in the Rocky Mountains and the only way the authorities were able to remove them was to blow up the cabin.

The frozen cows were discovered by two Air Force Academy cadets when they snow-shoed up to the cabin in late March. Rangers believe the animals hid out during a snowstorm and got stuck and weren’t smart enough to find their way out OR they were plotting to attack another cow herd.

The cabin was located near the Conundrum Hot Springs, a nine-mile hike from the Aspen area in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area.

Here it is after the explosive devices were detonated:

Mike Behning, a spokesman for the Wilderness Society in Colorado, said wild cows are know to take over cabins, because they like to get out of the cold and snow.

The Forest Service said Tuesday the cow herd was 29 cows strong.  They went missing last fall from the nearby Gunnison National Forest.  An aerial search failed to turn up any sign of the animals.

Forest Service spokesman John Comito said rangers spotted the frozen cows through the windows and decided not to approach.

“They may have been frozen, but they were still dangerous,” said Comito.  “We didn’t want them defrosting. They are a vicious herd.”

So, they decided to blow up the cabin.

Authorities believe that there may be more frozen cows hiding in cabins.  “We’ll find them.  They can’t run, but they can hide.  And we’ll find them,” said Ranger Tom Bench.