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WASHINGTON – The White House is ordering all schools in the United States to use the new official American basketball.

During the Easter Egg Roll festivities, the White House unveiled the new “official” American basketball.  President Obama reportedly designed the basketball himself.

President Obama also ran a basketball clinic for kids (and adults) at the White House basketball court, which he had built in 2009.

Everyone knows that basketball is President Obama’s favorite sport – no, it’s not golf – and he is doing everything he can to make it the official “America’s pastime”.

President Obama was a star player for USC in the 80s.

He then went on to star as a small forward for the Chicago Bulls.

He got hurt in a playoff game against the Knicks and was forced to retire and go into politics.  President Obama has reportedly said that he would rather be playing for the Lakers than President of the United Sates.  But, sometimes you can’t always get what you want…