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President Barack Obama has agreed to play in the final two rounds of the Masters.

It will be the first time a sitting President (or any President) will compete in the Masters, but President Obama loves golf so much that he is willing to put aside his busy schedule and team up with Tiger Woods for two rounds of competitive golf.

“The President is confident that the other golfers will defer to him on the golf course and he is looking forward to wearing the green jacket on Sunday,” said a source in the White House.

President Obama has a 17 handicap, but he is still going to be placed at the top of the leader board.

“The President deserves to be recognized for his golf skills, he is entitled to a green jacket.  It’s his to lose.”

Sources in the White House said that he would be willing to share a small portion of the $1.44 million prize for the Masters with the other golfers.  “The President believes in sharing his wealth and he will donate up to $20,000 to be divided all the other golfers participating in the Master.  “He’s being very generous.”

President Obama has also ordered that women be allowed into Augusta.

“He doesn’t think the club should discriminate against women any more.  He has issued an Executive Order forbidding Augusta to ban women.

Augusta’s longstanding policy of not permitting women as members has upset women’s groups and Democrats for years, and the annual Masters tournament always brings fresh attention to the issue.

The White House is thrilled that the President is competing in the Masters and they will be rooting for him to win – even though they know that it’s rigged.

“The President won the Nobel Peace Prize without doing anything, so I guess this makes sense,” said a Republican in Congress.