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A gun-toting lady shoots out a rainbow.

A viral video viral called ‘Kirsti’s Shotgun Rainbow’ features a gun-toting gal from the South creating a rainbow with her shotgun.

Wearing jeans, a shirt and sunglasses – with her hair pulled back into a sensible ponytail – ‘Kirsti’ demonstrates what can happen when nature and weapons collide.


Looking at the camera, she asks: ‘Hey y’all. Have you ever seen anybody make a rainbow with a 12-gauge shotgun?’.

Seemingly unconcerned about the potential environmental hazards, she then fires eight shots into the water.

As the shells are fired into the stream, a colorful rainbow glare rises above the water.

‘Kirsti’ then looks at the camera and ends her video clip, signing off with the phrase: ‘Well, now you have.’

Reaction to the video is varied, with some thrilled at the shotgun magic.

Others, however, were more critical with one YouTube user saying: ‘You’re shooting the fish.’

Another user posted: ‘Great, now you’ve poisoned our only water supply with lead. What next? shooting our canned food for target practice?’