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Recent images of Mars prove that there is life on Mars.

There are two developments in the last week that convince astronomers and NASA that there is life on Mars.  The first is the picture taken above, which clearly shows a Bigfoot like creature walking on Mars.

The picture, which was taken in 2010, has been analyzed by the top NASA scientists for the last two years and NASA reportedly released a statement on Friday that said, in part, “we are convinced that the object in the picture is a being of some sort.  We have examined multiple pictures from multiple angles and put it all through the Xicon Formula.  The being is alive and moving.”

The second development occurred this week.  Scientists say cloud formations prove that there is life on Mars.

The clouds  are at least 150 miles away from the surface.  Some suggest they are not clouds, but rather  w debris which was disturbed after the Red Planet was hit by a meteor.  But NASA reportedly confirms that they are clouds, rain-producing clouds.

‘It’s not completely unexpected. But they are  bigger than expected,” said Thomas Hillstrom, a member of the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University, to Cosmic Log.

A Thermal Emission Imaging System (Themis) on Nasa’s Mars Odyssey orbiter were used to look at the area where the clouds was spotted.  “They are definitely clouds,” said Hillstrom.  “No question.”