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Tim Tebow has signed with tbe New Orleans Saints!  And the deal has been blessed by the Pope!

Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos today and Tim Tebow began looking for a new home for his talents.  He soon found the perfect place –  Tebow is joining the New Orleans Saints.

Pope Benedict is a big fan of Tim Tebow and he prayed for Tebow:

And Tim Tebow was, of course, doing the same:

Tebow first considered the Cardinals, on the advice of the Pope, but ultimately he decided to go with the New Orleans Saints and Saints fans were thrilled.  They headed to church:

Father Rigaux of the Lower Ninth Ward went to the stadium to greet Tebow:

So what about Drew Brees?

Well, Cool Brees is excited to be splitting quarterback duties with Tebow.  They two have been friends for the last five years and decided to go to a weekend retreat to bond with each other – and the Lord.

The Saints organization think they Tebow is the perfect fit and that he will take them, repeatedly, to the promised land – the Super Bowl.