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Peyton Manning will be the next Denver quarterback, but the Broncos want him to come up with a move similar to Tebowing.

Part of the contract negotiations Peyton Manning is having with Denver, calls for Manning to come up with a signature move that will be as popular as the move Tim Tebow came up with:

John Elway, the General Manager of Denver and a close friend of Peyton’s, feels that Manning will have no problem coming up with a signature move.

“Denver fans are going to miss ‘Tebowing’ and we asked Peyton to come up with something just as good.  We’re confident that Peyton will have a move that will become even more popular that want Tim came up with,” a source close to Elway said.

WIll Manning honor Jesus in his move?

“That’s already been done, and Tebow is probably going to take Jesus with him to his next team,” Elway reportedly said.  “Peyton has a lot of moves.  We know the fans will love it.”

Here’s some “moves” Manning submitted to Denver for consideration.  What do you think?  You like any?