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A twelve-year-old girl has solved the mystery of the plain donuts – it’s fake!


In a scathing 127-word writing exercise,  a 12-year-old girl,  found on Facebook by Buzzfeed, finally tells the world the truth about plain donuts – they are bagels!

The 12-year-old called out the plain donuts and her writing exercise has been sent to Dunkin’ Donuts, who is now considering renaming the plain donuts.  The 12-year-old is being heralded by law enforcement agencies around the country for her investigative skills and her ability to draw conclusions based on observable facts.

Look at the plain donuts that were placed in a box of regular donuts.  Isn’t it so clear?

For decades people have been eating plain donuts, thinking they were donuts, but now – thanks to this brave girl – plain donuts will no longer scam the American people.  They’ve be outed!

Here’s the 12-year-old’s full, adorable essay: